Tackling high vessel fuel consumption with EFMS

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Tackling high vessel fuel consumption with EFMS

A common challenge among ship owners is finding the balance between OPEX and CAPEX (operational expenditure vs capital expenditure) – the goal is to lower OPEX and invest CAPEX, in ship systems for example, that brings added value to your fleet assets in the long-term. High fuel consumption is an on-going cost that should be looked at to lower OPEX.

When ship fuel consumption is monitored with EFMS (Electronic Fuel Consumption Monitoring System), the direct result is more fuel-efficient voyages and fuel savings.

How can vessel owners reduce fuel costs with EFMS?

Set threshold to monitor KPIs and fuel consumption in real-time, get alerts when fuel benchmark is exceeded. Use performance insights to benchmark within fleet and with competitors
Eliminate inaccuracies resulting from manual reporting and data collection
System is completely remote, no human intervention is required

The EFMS solution uses the approach of AcquireVisualiseAnalyseOptimise to address ship owners’ concern of fuel spend and security.

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