Green4Sea : Technology Award for GTT for its Sloshing Virtual Sensor

Green4Sea- 2023 Technology Award for GTT Sloshing Virtual Sensor

Green4Sea : Technology Award for GTT for its Sloshing Virtual Sensor

A new Award for GTT !

On April 19, during the GREEN4SEA Virtual Awards ceremony, the Sloshing Virtual Sensor solution was awarded the GREEN4SEA Technology Award !

This unique digital technology is dedicated to the evaluation of sloshing in order to space out the frequency of tank inspections. It uses the digital twin of the tank, designed by GTT, as well as the ship’s operational data in real time to follow the evolution of the critical integrity parameters of the tank. Combined with an in-depth risk analysis, this solution allows shipowners and charterers to optimize tank maintenance, while respecting strict safety standards, improving operational flexibility and achieving significant savings.

It is this solution that was rewarded by Internet users (accounting for 50% of the results) and a panel of industry experts (remaining 50%). Congratulations to all the Group’s employees who participated in the development of this solution!

The other companies in the running to receive the GREEN4SEA technology Award were : 

  • Armada Technologies, for the Armada Passive Air Lubrication System
  • DeepSea, for its flagship solution ‘Performance Routing’
  • I-Tech AB, for its unique biotechnology ‘Selektope’
  • Nautilus Labs, for its ‘Voyage Optimization’ solution
  • WE Tech Solutions Oy, for offering energy efficient solutions
Watch the replay of the GREEN4SEA Virtual Awards (from 18:51) :


"I am honored to receive this award on behalf of all the team members at GTT, Ascenz and Marorka, who worked very hard to make the Sloshing Virtual Sensor a reality for the LNG industry.

This unique technology allows the ship owners and the charterers to optimize the LNG tank maintenance while complying with strict safety standards. This leads to improve operational flexibility and significant cost saving for all the parties.

This technology has received the approval in principle from two major classification societies and has already been adopted by many LNG vessels.

We see the interest for this solution growing every day within the LNG players. We are very confident that it has the potential to become an industry standard.

 I hear very frequently that the maritime industry is conservative and its adoption of new technologies is very slow. It is true, but what we have learnt from this technology and from many others in our digital portfolio, is that when the innovation makes sense, when in brings real value and takes the human factor into consideration, it is adopted, at scale and for a long period.

We are particularly proud of receiving the Technology Award, because this is what GTT group is all about. We have been designing innovative solutions for decades and, as engineers, we deeply believe that technology holds part, if not the biggest part, of the solution to the extraordinary challenges our industry and societies are facing.

The first of them is environmental emergency. Through our digital innovations, we contribute as a Group but also as individuals to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the tank inspection frequency, we reduce the risk of releasing harmful gases to the atmosphere during the maintenance process.

Last, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Safety4sea for the opportunity to highlight our technology and to the voters for their recognition. 

Thank you !
Anouar Kiassi, VP Digital of GTT group
VP Digital of GTT Group

For more details, read our article about the Sloshing Virtual Sensor or contact our experts.

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